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Underlying Aesthetics

We’ve all seen wonderful man made landscapes, we’ve seen the carefully designed shared spaces, and the grand creation of parks. To get to the finished product we always question why the creator chose to create […]

Slice of life

Hangout with plants today will take you through a sensational slice of colour, a slice within cooking, interiors and exteriors. Live plants will always boost up any space you choose to put it in, from […]

Terrace it out

Looking out into the natural landscape, I wonder why some people would want to change what was naturally formed. Cities start to encroached towards us and we suddenly find ourselves with minimal space to create […]

Contours of life

Whether its an outline representing the shape and form of something existing or the mold of a specific shape that one has designed to fit into current life, contours can be found all around us. […]

Hanging out with Plants

Hanging out with plants will take you on an eclectic journey through roads forgotten and paths less travelled as we explore the holistic relationship that plants have with us. From breath taking gardens to the […]

Sticks and Stones

When it comes to the blood sweat and tears of landscaping, its the hardscaping or as we like to call it the “sticks and stones” even though most of the time it’s boulders and timber […]

Living lines

It’s been said many times that he who fails to plan, plans to fail. Never has a statement been so true as when it comes to landscape planning it is the quintessential corner stone of […]