Soulscape Hardscaping - Creating Beautiful, Seamless Environments


The trees, plants, and shrubs that we plant in your garden will provide colour, shade, mass and privacy. The way in which you wish to use your garden will determine the hardscaping that is required to unify these separate planted areas, i.e. pathways, retaining walls, and fences. It will also help us to decide where pergolas, decks, arbors, sheds, pools and other hardscape constructions should be placed.

Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of landscape theory and our years of experience of putting this theory into practice, we will incorporate the necessary hardscaping elements into the overall design of your new garden to create a beautiful, seamless environment in your home: an environment where you can move from inside to outside with ease. By doing so, we will enhance not only your enjoyment of your property, but its appearance and value too.


Our hardscape team will perform all necessary preparation work, such as land clearing and levelling. We will also identify any constructions that may require building permits and allow for the application and approval procedure in our project schedule.

You are welcome to discuss your hardscape requirements with our design team at any time, including fencing styles, types of timber and other materials to be used, and the design and placement of all hardscape structures.