Softscaping and Landscaping - Create a Unique Environment Near You


Softscaping concerns the living elements of your garden: the trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses that you choose to have growing in various different areas. Your choices, and the way in which they are positioned in your garden, will help to create a unique environment that expresses your personal horticultural and aesthetic preferences. The way in which these elements are positioned may also be influenced to a certain degree by practical considerations, such as the proximity of neighbouring properties, any storm water flows in the area, the position of the sun at various times of the day and in each season, along with the course of any natural water flows in the vicinity such as rivers or streams.


When deciding which softscaping elements you would like to have in your new garden, you may choose to keep existing plantings, incorporate ideas from gardens you have seen in other countries, or recreate the fond memories you have of the garden in which you played as a child. The only limit to what you may have in your new garden is your imagination and budget. Let us know your desires and we will include them in the overall landscape design that we prepare for you.

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